SmartDesk Pro

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Size: Classic
Color: Black
Frame: Black
    1. More range and more power. For those who do more.


      The best one yet.

      You’re looking at the result of years of R&D and steady upgrades.

      • Stronger

      Lifts a cool 350lbs with ease.

      • Quieter

      How does 40 dB sound? It doesn't.

      • Taller

      26.2" to 52". That's some range.


      A WHOLE 6 FT

      More space to think.

      Regular is roomy enough for 2 monitors. But there’s XL for everything you need – and more. The SmartDesk Pro features an improved lifting column to support all that extra space, and all your best work.


      Peak performance for 50,000 cycles.

      What does peak performance look like? 350 lbs at 1.3” a second, for a decade of solid productivity. Moving at a whisper-quiet 40 dB, with sub 0.5° of wobble even when jostled at its max height of 52”.


      Uninterrupted flow.

      Simply save your ideal positions and go from your perfect sit to stand with a single touch.


      Every component built to last.

      Powered by our latest dual-motor steel frame, the Pro will support your very best work for years to come. Globally vetted for strength and safety by UL, BIFMA, and EMC.


    1. Assembly & Policies
      Assembly Required Self-assembly
      Assembly Level Easy
      Average Assembly Time 15-30mins
      Assembly Instructions Available in package and PDF

      7 years for frame

      1 year for top

      Trial 30 Days
      Certificate ANSI/BIFMA, UL Certification


       Top Classic Top XL Top
      Dimensions 53"L x 29"W x 1"H 70.5"L x 30"W x 1"H
      Shipping Dimensions 56"L x 33"W x 3"H x 47 lbs 74"L x 33"W x 3"H x 62lbs
      Colors White, Black, Walnut, White Oak, Bamboo White, Black, Walnut

      Warp-proof MDF wood (Black/White/Walnut/White Oak);

      Natural Bamboo

      Warp-proof MDF wood (Black/White/Walnut)
    2.  Motor Type Dual
      Lifting speed 2.3"/sec
      Lifting capacity 310 lbs
      Noise level 40 dB
      Height range (without top) 25.4" - 51"
      Height range ( with top) 26.4" - 52"
      Lift range 40" - 73"
      Frame foot width 27.5"
      Material SPCC steel
      Colors White, Black, Grey
      Outlet voltage 110 - 240v
      Anti-collision No
      Shipping Dimensions 43"L x 13"W x 10"H x 70 lbs
    1. Disclaimer
    2. We recommend that all shipments be inspected immediately upon arrival. Please make note of any damage to boxes when signing for shipment.
    3.      •   Report any losses or damages promptly to the Smart Office team                    by email at
    4.      •   Notification must be made within one week of delivery 
    5.      •   Save all packaging until the trial period has ended in case of return
    6. Please let us know immediately if your order does not arrive within the delivery time frame.
    7. We cannot be responsible for claims filed more than 30 days after the delivery period.
    8. Warranty

    9. Our standard warranty is minimum one year from the date that product is received. 

    10. Your product is guaranteed to be free from manufacturer defects, however if there are manufacturer defects, please report them to Smart Office after delivery, so we can send you replacements. 

    11. 'Defects', as defined in this warranty, are any imperfections in material or workmanship that inhibits the use of the product.
    12. In no event shall Smart Office be liable for incidental or consequential damages resulting from the use of the product. This warranty does not cover:

    13.       •   Defects caused by improper assembly 
    14.        Defects occurring after purchase due to product modification,                    intentional damage, accidents, misuse, abuse or negligence 
    15.       •   Normal wear and tear due to age 
    16.         Labor or assembly costs
    17. All Smart Office warranties are limited warranties and are limited to the original purchaser with proof of purchase. In some cases, wear and tear may be depreciated for the time that the product was in use.
    18. Product Warranty

    19. A failure is a mechanical breakdown or defect in the unit that affects the user’s ability to operate the product as intended. If it is determined that the failure was caused by misuse or abuse of the product, replacements and return shipping will be at the customer’s expense.

    20. We hereby cover all Autonomous products for a period of:

    21. 7 years: all metal and mechanical parts and components, including motors and electrical components of

    22.      •   Autonomous SmartDesk 2 Premium
    23. 5 years: all metal and mechanical parts and components, including motors and electrical components of

    24.       •   Autonomous SmartDesk 2 - Home Office
    25. 2 years: all metal and mechanical parts and components, including motors and electrical components of

    26.        •   ErgoChair 2
    27. Exceptions to coverage include:

    28.        •   Changes in surface finish, including color-fastness or matching of             colors, wood grains, or textures
    29.        •    Normal wear and tear
    30.        •    Dye transfers caused by external contaminants
    31.        •    Modifications made by the user
    32.        •    Products that were not installed, used, or maintained in                              accordance with product instructions and warnings
    33.        •   Damage or marking of surfaces caused by sharp or foreign objects
    34.        •   Pilling of textile
    35. Customer to email to for Warranty  assistance. Please note this statement in the email: The order is directly purchased from ...

    36. Return and Refund Policy

    37. With our 15-day trial period, you can order … products, in case the product is damaged or defective or broken, we will process your return and give you a full refund. Please recommend customers to keep original packaging within the trial period.
    38.        •   Your trial period begins when your items are delivered. If your                    order consists of many items, each item has its own trial period                  depending on their actual delivery dates.
    39.        •   If you order a product which is shipped in several packages, your              trial period starts from the date that your last package is delivered
    40.        •   Return shipping cost will be covered for defective/damaged /                     broken items within the trial period and you will then receive the              full amount you paid for your order(s) upon our receipt of the                    returned package(s).
    41. How to initiate a return: 
    42.       •   Photographic evidence showing products are defective/damaged/            broken. 
    43.       •   Original packaging is recommended. In case you no longer keep                the original packaging, please pack the product with parcel boxes,            and cover items with soft materials, like bubble wraps, padding,                       soft styrofoam to avoid damages during transit.
    44.       •   Pickup will be scheduled following your confirmation time frame.              A  notification of pick up will be sent to you via email
    45.       •   Within the 15-day trial, a full refund will be issued after receipt of              the returned product. 
    46.       •   The refund will be processed 2 days after we receive the product.                   And it might take 3 to 5 business days for the refund amount                              to be posted to your account.
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