Scorpion Gaming WorkStation

Sale price$4,099.00

Voltage: 110v
Mounting Capability: 3 screens
Color: Black
    1. Cluven's computer cockpit combines futuristic design, exquisite appearance, luxurious and comfortable seat-ing together for an extravagant experience everyday while you work or game. Cluven's computer cockpit provides an overabundance of features including mas-saging and tiltable seating, LED lighting and much more that will make stay-at-home a welcoming experience. The "Zero-Gravity" position causes no fatigue to user's neck or back, thus user will enjoy longer immersive ex-periences.The same position will also be perfect for taking a nap, reading a book, or whatever suits the user's desire.

      Three-year warranty. Long-term parts replacement and upgrade service.

      8 structural systems
      54 mechanical components
      470 laser cut parts
      Approximately 5,000 TIG welding points Approx. 50,000 CAD design nodes

      16-color RGB LED built in 16 color RGB LED 300 beads 90w power. Including light remote control, free color selection and automatic switching of 4 color breathing light modes.

      1. Material: laser-cut steel
      2. Softcover: PU
      3. Net Weight: 120KG
      4. Packet Weight: 140KG
      5. Voltage: 220V/110V to 24V DC
      6. Power system: 6 sets of high thrust linear electric cylinders
      7. Lighting system: 100W 16-color LED
  • Motorized sitting and lying positions for computer-operated comfort

    Monitor arm/backrest/scorpion shape chassis with full electric tilt adjustment

    Armrests are self-balancing and manually adjustable for screen distance and angle.

    Available to mount common 21-29" triple screen monitors conforming to VISA international standards.

    Available to mount single monitor and curved monitor from 19-49"

    Electric massage cushion (Limited edition only)

    1. 1. if you notice any issues while operating the cockpit, please unplug the power source immediately and contact customer service email, so as to avoid electric shock, electric leakage, short circuit and fire hazard.
    2. 2. To avoid accidents or injuries and damage to family property, ensure that no one (person/except person helping, pet or objects) is around the cockpit during initial installation of the cockpit; while moving the cockpit, or adjusting the cockpit for desired positions
    3. 3. Avoid putting any of your own body parts between any mechanical moving parts when adjusting the cockpit
    4. 4. Check leather seat cover for damage before installation; If seat cover is damaged due to shipment or peroferated due to wear and tear, stop using the chair immediately and contact customer service for repair/replacement options. DO NOT try to remove the cover by yourself
    5. 5. DO NOT use power sources other than ac 220V to avoid electric or fire hazard
    6. 6. If the power cord or plug is damaged or if the plug is loose. Stop using the chair immediately to avoid electric or fire hazard. Contact the customer service for repair or replacement options. DO NOT try to repair or replace the power cord or plug by yourself, this should be done by qualified individual
    7. 7. DO NOT use extra force to pull on, twist or tighten the power cord. DO NOT place heavy objects on the power cord; DO NOT get tangled by the power cord while moving, to avoid damaging the power cord and causing electric and fire hazard
    8. 8. DO NOT let children or people with mental disabilities use the cockpit; Children should not be allow playing near the cockpit, so as not to cause injury to personnel or equipment damage
    9. 9. You can return our products within 15 days of delivery as long as it hasn't been installed and is returned in the original packaging. In rare cases, you might have to pay the manufacturer’s restocking fee.
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