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    1. Autonomous most dynamic chair. Inspired by movement, engineered for those who want to move more.

      Be boundless.

      When you stop moving, your body forgets how. So twist around. Lean back. Stretch to the side. There’s no edge to fall off here, and no frame to box you in.


      You’re an original.

      That’s why the entire back dynamically adapts to yours. Responsive webbing is denser in key areas like the lumbar region, with just the right amount of flex to support the unique shape of your spine.


      Have it your way.

      Adjust tension to your liking across 26° of recline, with 11 easily lockable positions. Other chairs prescribe the ideal posture. This one allows you to discover your own.


      Breathe easier.

      Woven from thermoplastic elastomer strands, this chair simply doesn’t trap heat. 10x more durable than traditional foam and fabric options, and many times more breathable. And it’s entirely earth-friendly, too.


      Sit light, not tight.

      Adjustable tilt stabilizes the lumbar. Precise suspension responds to every shape and movement. The result is even weight distribution, improved circulation, and a lightness that spreads through your entire body.


      Unblock your flow.

      Pressure distribution is determined by the unique shape of your body, so blood can flow unrestricted. Lesser chairs design for the average person, layer on the foam padding and call it a day. This is not a lesser chair.

    2. Dimensions  28”L x 28”W x 40” - 44”H
      Seat Dimensions 19”L x 19”W
      Seat Height 17” - 21”

      Back dimensions

      20”W x 23”H

      Tilt range


      Armrest height

      7” - 11”

      Armrest height (from the floor)

      23.5” - 27.7”

      Caster wheel diameter

      2.56 inches

      Number of caster wheels

      5 pieces


      Naked TPE version: 100% TPE upholstery with ABS plastic frame.
      Mesh version: 100% TPE and polyester fabric upholstery with ABS plastic frame.
      Colors Black Frame, Naked Black TPE
      Black Frame, Naked Grey TPE
      White Frame, Naked Grey TPE
      Grey TPE with Blue Mesh
      Grey TPE with Grey Mesh
      Black TPE with Black Mesh

      Weight capacity

      350 lbs

      Item weight

      35.3 lbs

      Shipping dimensions

      28”L x 17”W x 31”H x 45 lbs

      Assembly required



      5 years


      30 days
      Adjustability Armrest, back tilt angle and tension, seat height.

      Assembling instructions

      View Here

      Functions guide

      View Here

      Chair measurements guide

      View Here
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    20. We hereby cover all Autonomous products for a period of:

    21. 7 years: all metal and mechanical parts and components, including motors and electrical components of

    22.        Autonomous SmartDesk 2 Premium
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    24.        Autonomous SmartDesk 2 - Home Office
    25. 2 years: all metal and mechanical parts and components, including motors and electrical components of

    26.        .   ErgoChair 2
    27. Exceptions to coverage include:

    28.          Changes in surface finish, including color-fastness or matching of             colors, wood grains, or textures
    29.        .    Normal wear and tear
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Ask a Question
  • Do you ship worldwide?

    We currently ship anywhere in the USA. International delivery is on the way, we’ll happily keep you updated!

  • Do I have to pay shipping when returning it per your free 30 day trial. How does return shipping work?

    We are happy to cover the cost of shipping if you request a return before the end of your 30-day-trial period.

  • What does the warranty cover?

    The warranty covers all manufacturing defects for up to 5 years.

  • Does the ErgoChair Pro+ have the ability to tilt back/recline?

    Yes, it does.

  • Can the armrest be adjusted? How high does it go?

    Yes. It can be adjusted from 7” - 11”.

  • Chairs looks low to the ground. For us tall folks, how high does this chair go?

    The seat of the chair is 17” - 21” from the ground.

  • What are the dimension and weight of the shipping box?

    The box is 28”L x 17”W x 31”H and weighs 44 lbs.

  • What is the weight capacity of the chair?

    The ErgoChair Pro+ could stand up to 350 lbs.  

  • What are the dimensions of the chair?

    The ErgoChair Pro+ dimensions are 28”L x 28”W x 40” - 44”H.

  • Can the chair be locked in the reclining position?

    Yes of course! The ErgoChair Pro+ is designed to move and mould effortlessly to your unique body type with ease and comfort for your every desired motion.

  • What are the benefits of a frameless chair?

    A frameless chair doesn’t box you in. Designed for lean, fast moving workplaces - this is not a chair you slump into. It encourages movement, and keeps you agile and engaged, even while sitting.

  • What is TPE plastic?

    Thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) is a blend of polymers (usually a plastic and a rubber) that consist of materials with both thermoplastic and elastomeric properties. While most elastomers are thermosets, thermoplastics are in contrast relatively easy to use in manufacturing, for example, injection molding. Thermoplastic elastomers show advantages typical from combining rubbery materials with plastic materials.  

  • What is the chair made of?

    The ErgoChair Pro+ is an expertly designed combination of next-gen thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), conical spring seating, ultra-breathable mesh designed by textile engineers in Korea and Germany, and long-lasting aluminum for a solid, long-lasting foundation.  

  • Do these chairs come assembled?

    You’ll need to assemble your chair when you receive it, but we’ve made it as easy as possible for you. There are just a few steps, and all the tools you need are easy-to-use and included in the packaging.  

  • Does the ErgoChair Pro+ come in different varieties?

    Yes! There’s a ErgoChair Pro+ for everyone. For the minimalist, we offer a zero mesh, ‘bare-bones’ edition, or for the more colorful, we offer our breathable mesh versions in blue, black and grey.  

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