E-WIN 2.0 Edition RGB Gaming Desk

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    1. The EWin Gaming desk has enough space up to 48-inches with a high-strength texture made of carbon fiber. Microscopically, the gaming desk is quite textured and has high intensity reflecting points, which create a perfect gaming surface with very responsive mouse tracking abilities. The gaming desk also has a wireless charger, which is compatible with many things and devices. Its ergonomic style supports your body even if it requires sitting for an extended period of time. The desk also improves arm and wrist alignment - thereby reducing injury from using the keyboard and mouse for a long time. The dual-sided lighting makes your ambiance more inclined towards a gaming atmosphere. It works simply by putting the USB cord into your laptop or pc. It will light up your room, giving you an amazing gaming experience. The high-strength aluminum makes the legs more stable.
    1. E-WIN 2.0 High-Strength Carbon Fiber Desktop The spacious gaming surface up to 48in width with a high-strength carbon fiber texture. And this surface is finely textured with thousands of microscopic, high-intensity light-reflecting points, creating the perfect surface for next-generation gaming mice tracking capabilities.
    2. Multi-Function Wireless Charger A charger, more usage
    3. 5° ERGONOMIC INCLINE Game longer with our ergonomic incline keyboard and mouse area. Having an ergonomic gaming desk is crucial for gaming for long periods of time. This gaming desk was designed to improve arm and wrist alignment, which reduces injury from using a keyboard and mouse for hours on end. Includes a large gaming mouse pad.
    4. E-WIN 2.0 Dazzling Dual-sided RGB Lighting To increase more immersive feeling in your gaming atmosphere. E-WIN provides various RGB lighting effects. Watch your RGB gaming desk come alive with built-in dynamic RGB lighting. Plug the USB cable into your gaming pc, gaming laptop, Xbox, PS4, and BOOM! You'll light up the room. Choose your favorite color or dynamic RGB multi-color light show. Experience your game like never before with the E-WIN 2.0 RGB gaming desk.
    5. High-strength Aluminum Material Framed Legs for Maximum Stability E-WIN RGB gaming desk is made of high-strength aluminum frame leg for maximum stability, and this ensures that your gaming rig is kept safely above the ground, away from dust and dirt.
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