Gaming with a healthy lifestyle

Tips to Improve Gaming Ergonomics


So, you like video games and describe yourself as an avid gamer. Have you given any thought to how long-term gaming may affect you physically?

Gaming is fun and it can improve your critical thinking skills. However, there is potential for serious injury. Gaming injury can be in the form of nerve damage. This may range from your hands to your back. Other injuries include eyestrain and arm strain.  


Here are some tips to avoid the negative impact of gaming:


5 Prevention Tips


  • Be mindful of your posture – Invest in a proper gaming chair
  • Use equipment made for gaming – Instead of a regular flat mousepad, invest in an ergonomic mousepad. An ergonomic mousepad has writ support to ensure comfort and prevent wrist strain.
  • Use an adjustable desk
  • Use an ergonomic keyboard – this ensures your wrists and hands in a natural position
  • Ensure your feet rests flat on the floor or use a footstool.


Gaming is fun but be sure to take your health into consideration.

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