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Gaming Chair Buying Guide

Gaming Chair Buying Guide

Are you looking for the right gaming chair to meet your gaming enthusiasm and spirit? Many gameaholics out there just love spending time on their favorite games. But this passion for gaming often reduces when there isn’t any right setting or atmosphere for gaming. Now you’re probably thinking of what you can possibly get to create a gaming atmosphere, right? Besides, it’s not feasible for every passionate gamer to create a whole gaming room for his/her gaming passion. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t create a special gaming spot in your room, which can simply portray your love for gamin and comfort to achieve all your wins. Don’t get what we mean here? Well, we’re simply referring to gaming chairs; and how they are the best addition to your room for meeting your gaming enthusiasm.

Now the idea of having a gaming chair in your room is enough to go get one? But what if you get stuck in the multiple gaming chair options available in the market? How would you deal with that complicated situation and buy the right and best gaming chair for your needs? Well, in case you’re panicking already, it’s time you read a gaming chair buying guide and make your decision accordingly. Don’t know where to find the right and most helpful buying guide? Well then, let’s we already have one arranged below with everything you should know about buying gaming chairs. Are you excited? Then let’s start exploring the details below!

Different Types of Gaming Chairs:

Before we move towards the things you need to know while buying a gaming chair, are you sure what type of gaming chair you need? No, we’re not talking about fancy colors and wheels or no wheels option. Instead, there’s another huge type classification of gaming chair, which refers to the materials these chairs are made up of.

Now for anyone unfamiliar, buying chairs might simply be leather chairs. But you’re certainly wrong if that’s all you think of them. It’s mainly because there are different types of leathers (as well as other materials) that can be used to manufacture a gaming chair. Hence, to have a clear idea and make a better decision, let’s discuss all these materials and their differences below.

●    Leather

Firstly, let’s start with the plain leather made gaming chairs. These chairs are made with real or genuine leather. In other terms, this material is made from an animal rawhide (commonly a cowhide), which is further prepared with the process of tanning. Now, if you’re wondering that most of the other gaming chairs also consist of a leather addition in their manufacturing, then that’s simply faux leather you’re referring to (which is not genuine leather).

Now, what makes genuine leather gaming chairs far better than any other is the durability that the genuine leather brings along with it. This means that your leather gaming chair is set to last for generations while being able to improve over time (in specific ways). Moreover, this product is more breathable, making all the moisture caused by sweat to be easily absorbed. This keeps the chair all-time cool, making you feel most comfortable and relaxed while gaming on a leather gaming chair.

Now, what makes this a little of a friendly product is just the price that it comes in. But, when you’re getting so many of the benefits from a single leather gaming chair, the extra cost is worth it. Hence, even if you have to pay more than your budget for a real leather gaming chair, you can be sure that it is going to serve you for years to come. No regrets there!



●    PU Leather

As mentioned above, PU leather isn’t pure leather. Hence, whether you buy a PU leather constructed gaming chair or one having a specific amount of PU leather in its making, you can know that it’s other than pure leather. Instead, this is simply a synthetic, which is composed of split leather. For anyone unfamiliar, the split leather is simply the left-out material, which is found after the top grain layer of genuine leather is stripped out of rawhide. This split leather consists of a polyurethane coating, which means PU leather.

Now coming to the benefits of PU leather, this might not come as a highly advanced and durable option as genuine leather, but it surely has other benefits that can serve you effectively during your gaming experience. This simply refers to how a PU leather gaming chair serves as a breathable gaming chair option. This means that you don’t have to face the sticky and sweaty feeling or stored moisture and sweat on a PU leather gaming chair.

Moreover, if we talk about looks, PU leather is also a more realistic imitation of pure leather. Now, who wouldn’t want the realistic and shiny look (as well as feels) of genuine leather at a lesser rate? That sounds interesting, right?

Well, there’s more to the benefits of PU leather when it comes to the cost. Yes, as we previously stated, you get a genuine leather look and feel with a PU leather gaming chair, while staying on a budget. Sure, PU leather is the second-best option to buy gaming chairs. But if you’re not feeling the need to break the bank with your gaming needs, then this is certainly the right choice for you!

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●    PVC Leather:

Moving on to the third and least real type of leather gaming chairs, i.e., one’s made with PVC leather. Now, if you haven’t heard of PVC leather, then this is also one of the genuine leather imitations, but it is made differently from PV leather. This means that PVC leather consists of a base material which is coated with a mix of polyvinyl chloride PVC) along with other additives. This altogether makes the PVC leather a lot softer and flexible. Additionally, this different making of PVC leather ensures that this material is water, fire, and stain-resistant.

Now coming to the benefits (more gaming related) that you gain through PVC leather, there’s a lot you get here too. Okay, the durability and breathability aren’t guaranteed, but you do get the ease of cleaning these chairs instantly and easily. Don’t get it? Well, when we mentioned stain-resistant, we simply mean that unlike leather, you can easily clean off all the stains of food and drinks on your PVC leather gaming chair. Hence, if you’re a gamer who doesn’t feel like gaming with full passion without a tasty snack in his/her hand, then this is certainly the right chair to handle all your gaming + food combinations. Besides, you never know when you might spill something while killing your enemy in the game, right? So it’s to be safe in advance. Additionally, if we talk about the fire resistance of these chairs, you can even ensure your safety while playing with fire-related tasks. No, this doesn’t refer to facing a fire during a barbeque, but rather incidents like firing up your PC during the overclocking and setting. Besides, anything can happen, right? So you better be prepared in advance – and that’s what PVC leather promises to do.

Lastly, if we talk about the prices, PVC leather is certainly less expensive than genuine leather and PV leather. Hence, if you’re not spending more on consumer services, then you’ll surely save a lot with your decision of buying a PVC leather buying chair.

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●    Fabric

Another one of the materials that are commonly used in the manufacturing of gaming chairs includes fabric. Now whether you have great relevance with fabric work or you just happen to wear it frequently (which we all do), it’d be quite clear that a fabric gaming chair can be a highly soft and comfortable option. If we compare fabric with leather, it is an even softer option than the leather itself. This means that fabric gaming chairs can be a highly suitable option for adults as well as young adults hat do share a gaming passion but can’t even let go of their comfort zone!

Now in terms of the benefits of this type of gaming chair, it’s obvious that you aren’t getting any durability here. After all, as soft as the fabric is, it can never stay in the same shape in the end. However, this doesn’t mean that you aren’t getting any benefits at all. This means that when you opt for a fabric gaming chair, you are to find them as a more breathable option, especially in comparison to leather and its imitations. As a result, you are sure to face even lesser sweat and constant gaming heat issues on a fabric chair, no matter how many hours you spend on it.

Moreover, if we look at the rate card, there’s no doubt that anyone can easily afford a fabric gaming chair. This means that you’re getting more comfort and breathability for your gaming passion – that also at a lesser cost. Isn’t that a great deal to make? It certainly is – as long as your needs are limited to getting comfortable while gaming!

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●    Mesh

The final type of gaming chairs and the last material that is commonly found in gaming chairs other than leather, its imitations or fabric – is simply mesh. Now, if you haven’t previously heard of mesh gaming chairs, these chairs are fully made of mesh. Hence, you aren’t going to find any leather (or its imitations) in its production.

Now, if we talk about the benefits, you might wonder that a mesh gaming chair might be least effective and soothing to purchase since it’s the last option, right? But before you make your mind to that, you should know that there are plenty of benefits to mesh gaming chair that makes it better than other options. Here, the major benefit is its extreme breathability; making it an even cooler material to sit and game on (for hours); especially in comparison to the fabric. For the drawbacks, mesh gaming chairs might have missed on the durability factor since these are more delicate. Additionally, it isn’t also easy to clean mesh gaming chair. Hence, you might find it a wrong fit to game and snack on this chair, as long as you don’t have the specialized cleaning equipment to take off the stains from the mesh. However, what beats off this drawback is the fact that you aren’t going to feel uncomfortable on this chair – no matter how many hours you plan to play. That is why it’s super breathability, and comfortable making ensures that you make the most wins on this gaming chair.

Lastly, if we talk about the pricing, you can’t expect mesh chairs to be completely available at almost-free rates. Besides, there are plenty of highly demanded perks coming your way with this chair, too, right? But this doesn’t mean that you have to pay too much. Instead, another good thing about mesh gaming chairs is that you can have plenty of pricing options in this material – from low-priced chairs to medium as well as high-priced ones. Now, this certainly makes a great deal, right?

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Our Price Comparisons – What You Get!

Before we conclude our gaming chair buying guide, are you curious to know more about what gaming chairs we offer in our different price ranges? Besides, now that you know how to find the right gaming chair for your gaming needs, you’re probably going to need the right models to purchase too. So for that specifically, let’s go ahead and discover what our different price ranges have in store for you!

Under $500

Even if you’re going low with your budget, you can still be sure that you’re making a longer-lasting and efficient purchase. Don’t know how? Well, it’s simply because our under $500 range consists of gaming chair options that aren’t just cheap but also classy, stylish, lightweight, and firm. Sounds like a great cheap deal, right?

$500 - $1000:

From the option to having a plain and basic gaming chair that looks steady and durable to choosing a high-ergonomic designed gaming chair that is extremely comfy (and then anything in between) – if your desires fluctuate this much, and you don’t have thousands to invest too. We’ve got the perfect options set in this range for you. Go grab your favorite!

$1000 - $1500

Are you someone to go more heads over heels for a variety of looks? Yes, we’re talking about gaming chairs here (don’t go imagining your partner now, hah). Well, to help you get the best deal on a slightly larger budget, we have all the fancy and eye-catching gaming chair designs that are also nothing less in quality and comfort. So go choose the one that catches your attention the most!

$1500 - $2000

Wait, before you say it aloud, let us read your mind and consider your desire fulfilled. Don’t get it? Well, we’re talking about your demand for some classic, advanced, comfortable, and better quality gaming chairs in a mid-range budget. Isn’t this what you wanted, right? Therefore, to help you meet your desires in buying the perfect gaming chair, you can choose between the perfectly classy and comfortable fabric gaming chair and the classier option of a gaming chair with a breathable pinhole surface. Sounds like a hectic decision, right? Choose wisely, then!

$2000 – and Up

Lastly, but most importantly, if you’re planning to buy some next level, highly attractive, super-powerful gaming chairs to make you more passionate and powerful while you kill your enemies in the game; then we sure as hell have the best next-level gaming chair options ready for you. Besides, as long as you have more money to spend, no one can stop you from getting more powerful (of course, in the game)!


Now that we’ve discussed everything about buying the best gaming chair, are you clear on what you need – and how to choose the right gaming chair, right? Then what’s the wait for? Go ahead, look for the models that fall into your ‘perfect’ concept of gaming chairs, grab the best one that fits your budget and needs, and start gaming. Besides, it’s time you make numerous wins while being all comfy in your new favorite gaming chair, right? Well then, Happy Gaming!

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